Dalbangatgan Website (Fanpage)

Link to the live website

I designed and coded a website for one of my favorite Youtube channels, titled Dalbangatgan, whose creator uploads videos of cooking traditional desserts of Korea.
Below are the abstract of this project:
We all know what are Crème brûlée and Baklava, but do you know any of the desserts from Korea? It is not our fault, indeed, traditionally there wasn’t a developed dessert culture in Korean cuisine. However, it doesn’t mean there isn’t any traditional desserts in Korea. Dalbangatgan is a Youtube channel which posts videos of cooking, prepping, and plating the desserts based on classic Korean sweet dishes, such as Tteok(rice cake made of sticky rice), Han-gwa(analogous to cookies), etc. The craftmanship and artistry in Dalbangatgan’s videos has always inspired me. I dreamed of sitting in a calm and peaceful dessert cafe decorated with the traditional ornaments brought from the history, sipping tea with mystical Korean desserts made by the creator of this channel. There, I thought of building a website for an imaginary dessert cafe that sells the menus Dalbangatgan has uploaded to their channel. The website would be a single page that introduces a range of Korean desserts, classified into respective categories, with the images liked to each of the videos found on the channel. It could be a compliment to the Youtube does not offer customized navigation within the channel. I am planning to make it as artistic as it is minimally informative.
I reached out to the owner of Dalbangatgan channel if I could make a work inspired by them, and received a heartwarming reply that I could use the images and titles for noncommercial purpose.