2022 Personal Project

Visual Identity Design for ITP/IMA Floor Show Spring 2022

I designed a set of a posters and submitted to ITP/IMA Spring Show Poster Design Challenge. The winning design was to be selected to promote the Floor Show and be made into prints which would be put up at different locations.
Although my design couldn’t become the one that won the challenge, it was selected as one of the best designs and was guaranteed a showcase spot for the upcoming spring show.
Later, I took the graphic motif of the poster to develop a full hypothetical branding for the show.

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Website Concept Design

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Poster_Type A

Blossoms on Mounds of Tragedies

Poster_Type B

Sprouts on Mounds of Tragedies

Poster_Type C

Bursting Ideas on Our Floor

Behind My Design

The upcoming spring show holds many significance. After a long shutdown from Covid, last winter’s show also ended up being canceled due to the surge of the Omicron variant. We are all expecting the show will be able to reopen in a mild spring weather. I looked for the keywords to translate the upcoming show, and there wasn’t any better motif than the word “spring” itself. Like how greens and blossoms spout out after a seemingly endless winter, we are longing for this show—the site of reunification and celebration of the end of the school year. I also wanted to convey the creative resistance which is thought of as one of the ITP ethos. The world is having its hard times right now. Hate crimes, wars, deportations, and climate changes are happening very near and far to us. I wanted the poster to communicate the idea that our community could speak up for righteousness through our greatest power: creativity.
To deliver such idea, I buried the graphics of a tank, a gun, a bundle of dollars, a passport, a plastic bag, and finally a laptop, in the pixelated dirt mounds. Each symbolizes warfare, hate crimes, wealth, borders, sustainability, and media. The blossoms are a metaphor of our expression of creativity. Our community would grow flowers on those tragedies happening in the world, hoping to decay them.