Old and New

An Artist Book
Created with Indesign / Showcased Virtually
This project started from a question to myself, "how often do I buy new things?". When I was packing for a trip to my home in Korea from New York, I was bewildered by the amount of items that should be left out in New York. Majority of the objects that would be dumped in the storage were the things that I had newly gotten in America. They weren't highly priced but also weren't the necessity goods to bring along with my trip. Worth to keep for the future just in case but unnecessary. The things that we buy with an excitement were destined to be lost in our mind one day and be discarded. I contemplated about what abundance truly means. Does it really come from owning commodities?
This is a page-flipping video of the pdf version of an artist book "Old and New", which was created after interviewing people around me and taking a photo documentary for each of them. The book narrates the story of nine people and their oldest and most newly gotten belonging, to convey the essence of materialistic abundance.
Final Photobook_compressed.pdf