Make your own: MYO is an iOS app which users can customize their own accessories with thousands of pendant types offered within the app.
Users can create their jewelry designs by drag-and-drop gestures and make orders to get the finished design delivered to their doors.

Project Background

Skills ∙ Visual identity design ∙ Product design ∙ Product photography and editing ∙ Digital illustration
Deliverables ∙ An iOS app ∙ App lander website ∙ Visual identity deck ∙ Promotion materials: leaflet, social media posts, crowdfunding campaign posts
Tools and Methods ∙ Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, etc ∙ Figma
Time and Duration ∙ May of 2021 ~ November of 2021
Shortly after the outbreak of the pandemic, I teamed up with a project executive and one developer to launch a service / accessory brand which users can create their own designs, as a sole designer position.
The service idea came from the project executive who was working in the industry so thus capable of intervening the inefficient supply chain of accessory market in Korea. The team was sponsored by KOSME, Korean National SMEs and Startups Agency, through being accepted to their annual acceleration program. Our team worked for half a year to launch the service.
Although the team couldn’t meet the sharp deadline because of the miscellaneous issues in app development, I had a chance to self-direct my entry in the product design scene and conduct studies in user experience design, as well as proposing the authentic visual identity of a potential business.

Service Description

Making Creativity Handy and Accessible
In Korea, fashion jewelries (not luxury jewelry) sold in online and offline multi shops were made with the components distributed cheaply from the wholesale market. Even if two or more fashion jewelry sold from different stores had the exact same design with the same components, people had to pay different price to get them. The results were overpricing of products compared to the cost and copying of designs.
Our team planned to launch MYO by the end of 2020. Covid-19 had swept through the world and there were demands of fun activities to enjoy during home quarantine. Our app could serve as a platform where people can easily meet their creative needs for jewelry DIY without additional cost of entry. On the app, users would be able to just drag-and-drop the images of the parts to draft, create, and order the designs they have imagined.

Design Keypoints

Redesigning the interface with improvements
Home feed
Making section
Several months before the team was formed, the project executive had outsourced an unfinished Android prototype with the visions she had about the item. I redesigned the prototype above exclusively for iOS with the following improvements:
Reflect the visual identity of MYO in the app UI
Create a simple and minimal design system that well blend with the bitmap images
Consider the expansion of the app as a platform where creators can display their works


Feed is where new event banners and featured designs of users are displayed
Create is where users can create their accessory designs
Studio is where users can view and manage the designs they have created
My Page is where users can check their personal information and view past orders

Design System and Styles

Final App Design


Visual Identity

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in this work, please don’t hesitate to contact me—I’d love to talk more about my design decisions in depth!