Hello, I am Andie!

I am a product designer who always puts functionality first to deliver products cherished by users.

I come from an art and design background. Visual design is my passion, my native language, and my most powerful tool.
As much as research and reasoning are stressed in the latest product design scene, I believe in the power of coherent and neat visuals in digital products. I developed a strong base in visual design through Pratt Institute’s rigorous foundation program. I keep myself updated with the graphic design scene and broaden my aesthetic visions across multiple areas—from illustrations to motion graphics.
I transferred to NYU in fall 2021 and currently am a rising senior majoring in Interactive Media Arts (IMA) at Tisch School of Arts. Through IMA, I became fluent in many forms of digital interactivity such as augmented reality, creative coding, and interactive web experiences. By experimenting with the newest media and leading my own projects in the classroom, I developed my creative strengths of devising the most powerful aesthetics and user interaction for any given interface. I aim to use these strengths in the workplace to become an indispensable member of the design team.
As a full-time designer at a tech startup, I worked with engineers to deliver real products.
I have previously worked at Looko inc, South Korea, as a UI/UX designer for the fast-growing digital wardrobe service Acloset. At Looko’s design team, I cooperated with third party vendors to test and refine the functionality of Acloset’s MVP. I also designed the UI for the improved features such as filters, user home, and navigation menu, alongside with developing the design system and brand style guide for service expansion. These efforts led to an exponential growth period of Acloset, increasing the monthly active user (MAU) count from 5,000 to 20,000 from April 2021 to June 2021. This trend of 100% user growth every 2 months continued until January 2022, reaching a MAU of 500,000.
My soul is dedicated to innovative design that spearheads growth. Do you want to solve the problems in our world with me? Let's get in touch!
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I highly recommend working with Andie! Andie is a designer who is habituated with user-centered contemplations. Armed with her sharp sight and flexible thoughts, she is determined to confront the issues the users are having rather than compromising. Her tenacious efforts to tackle the usability problems can be easily seen on the products she've worked on.
We had a joyful journey of tackling each of the hard nuts to crack, working together as a team, to devise the better experiences for our users.
— Jeong-in Kim, UI/UX Designer at Looko inc.
Andie is an employee who actively seeks for the further achievements, not only completing the tasks that are handed to her. She has a designer's ability to brainstorm in a user's perspective to devise the superb user experience, and she also has excellent communication skills. In particular, she is an outstanding member for early stage startups which changes advancements are the essential dynamics.
— Heasin Ko, CEO of Looko inc.