Hello, my name is Andie!

I am a product designer with a strong sensibility in visual design, who creates delightful microinteractions between the digital and us.

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Case Studies

Designing ListWish UI/UX 2022
ITP/IMA Floor Show Visual Identity_SP22 Graphic Design BI Design 2022
M.Y.O: Service MVP Design UI/UX BI Design 2020
Improving the Onboarding Experience of Acloset UI/UX Illustration System 2021

Other Works

Dalbangatgan Landing Page Mini WebDev Visual Identity 2022
Quick UX Challenge: Customizing a Chocolate Box UX Design 2022
Fruit Illustrations for Smoodie Digital Illustration 2022
UX Challenge: Pomodoro Timer Voice Interface UX Design 2022
Designing a New Feature for Acloset: Brand Library UI/UX 2021
Illustration Series: ”Oh Sh*t” Moments Digital Illustration 2021

Other Projects

Old and New: A Photo Essay Photography Graphic Design 2019
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